O2: Information Architecture and Data Utilization


Arnaud Masson (TpZ for ESA, ESAC, Spain), Arnaud.Masson@ext.esa.int


Shing Fung (NASA GSFC, USA), shing.f.fung@nasa.gov


Barbara Thompson (NASA GSFC), barbara.j.thompson@nasa.gov

Daniel Heynderickx (DH Consultancy, Belgium),  DHConsultancy@skynet.be


The ISWAT Overarching Cluster on Information Architecture and Data Utilization facilitates the development of a global network of distributed web-based resources for space weather research, analysis, forecasting and capabilities assessment. Data Utilization focuses on issues regarding the preparation, finding, and accessing of observational and model data sets that are needed as input to support various space weather research activities, such as data assimilation, model development, data science and model analyses.  This Overarching ISWAT cluster supports all of the ISWAT Clusters and objectives by facilitating access of and optimizing the use of available data resources.  Information Architecture and Data Utilization overlaps with the other Overarching Activities: Assessment and Innovative Solutions.

Action topics:

  • Registering resources (data and modes) that are relevant for space weather research and forecasting.
  • Promoting metadata standards for describing observational and model data.
  • Promoting data format standards.
  • Promoting standard protocols  for data citation, discovery and access (e.g., DOI, API).
  • Coordinating tools development for data access, interpolation, display, and analysis to optimize for interoperability.
  • Coordinating the provision of  calibrated data sets (preferably with error bars).
  • Promoting the availability of standard data sets for space weather models testing and data-assimilation or ensemble modeling techniques development.
  • Supporting the data needs from data science analysis for advancing space weather understanding and  forecasting capabilities.


COSPAR PSW Resolutions on metadata and data access:


  • International Heliophysics Data Environment Alliance (IHDEA)
  • Space Physics Archive Search and Extract (SPASE)
  • SPASE Metadata Working Team (SMWT)
  • Heliophysics Application Programmer Interface (HAPI)
  • Integrated Medium for Planetary Exploration (IMPEx)
  • Community Coordinated Modeling Center (CCMC)
  • Digital Object Identifier (DOI)
  • Information Architecture for Interactive Archives (IAIA)