About Us

Collaboration and exchange of ideas:
The COSPAR International Space Weather Action Teams (ISWAT) initiative is a global hub addressing challenges across the field of space weather.

The sum is worth more than its parts:
Space weather is a multi-disciplinary research area connecting scientists from across all domains requiring the whole global community to work together.


  • The ISWAT initiative provides a portal for state-of-the-art in space-weather science and modeling.

  • Action Teams work via self-guided topical collaborations on different aspects of space weather organized into ISWAT Clusters.

  • The ISWAT initiative provides an ideal opportunity for the next generations to take the lead and shine in the community.

  • ISWAT Clusters are enhancing our capabilities through shared resources forming partnerships to maximize return on investments to national and international space weather programs.

  • The COSPAR ISWAT initiative is a channel for community inputs to our Living Global Space Weather Roadmap.