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Team ID: O2-05

Team Lead:
Jon Vandegriff (JHU/APL, USA),

Team Co-Lead:
Robert Weigel (George Mason University, USA),

Team POC:
Jon Vandegriff (JHU/APL, USA),

Keywords (Impact):
Satellite/debris drag, Navigation and/or Communications, (Aero)space assets functions

Keywords (Activity Type):
Information Architecture 

The Heliophysics Programmer's Interface (HAPI) defines a standard way for servers to expose and deliver time series data products. The overall goal is to improve interoperability among data sources relevant for Heliophysics, including those related to particles, fields, and plasma measurements of the space environment around the Earth and the Sun. Our team curates and publishes the HAPI specification, and we develop reference implementations for both servers and clients. We also offer support to institutions, teams, and individuals adopting the HAPI standard.

We will maintain and update the HAPI specification to allow it to represent past, current, and future data holdings of time series data that are relevant for Space Weather and Heliophysics studies. Our team serves to promote that standard through presentations and tutorials at meetings, but also by providing and maintaining client libraries for reading from HAPI servers, so that scientists can incorporate data from HAPI servers into their own analysis workflows. We will also provide server-side software elements and some advice and limited support for data centers wishing to implement a HAPI-compliant data delivery mechanism.

Action Topics:

Cluster with overlapping topics:
H1: Heliospheric magnetic field and solar wind, H2: CME structure, evolution and propagation through heliosphere, H3: Radiation Environment in Heliosphere, G1: Geomagnetic environment, G2B: Ionosphere variability, G3: Near-end radiation and plasma environment

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