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COSPAR ISWAT2021 Virtual Working Meeting: Towards Community-Driven Living COSPAR Space Weather Roadmap

International Space Weather Action Teams (ISWAT) community is coming together for the 2nd  ISWAT Working Meeting. The virtual meeting will be spread over 2 weeks:

The goals of the meeting:

  • Preparation of Community-Driven Living COSPAR Space Weather Roadmap (click here fore details). Paper status review and community feedback. 
  • Review of Action Teams progress since the ISWAT Inaugural Meeting (Feb, 2020), updates from Mini-ISWAT Virtual Meeting Series (Feb-Jun, 2021), 
  • Planning for the ISWAT in-person meeting March 28 - April 1, 2022

Meeting agenda can be found here:

Each day will have one or two 2-hour sessions. Plenary sessions are scheduled on Sept 13, 17, 29 and Oct 1, 2021. The meeting will start on Sept 13th, 2021 with a series of short scene-setting presentations from ISWAT coordinators (overview of Roadmap plans), Cluster moderators (highlights of scheduled splinter sessions), and leads of Roadmap review papers to be submitted to ASR  Special Issue 2 (paper outlines for community feedback and coordination with other reviews).

Splinter sessions on Sept 14-16, 27-28, 30, 2021 are scheduled and organized by team leads and cluster moderators. The Meeting agenda will stay live and will be updated as we go.

Links to Zoom meeting will be send to this distribution list  and to registered participants before the end of the week. I brief introduction on how to navigate multiple meeting room will be provided by meeting organizers Part 1 (Coimbra University), Part 2 (RAL, UK). Meeting capacity is limited to 300 participants. Registration is strongly encouraged.

Link to Registration Page:

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Plenary Presentations and Recordings

Splinter Sessions