Mini-ISWAT Roadmap Status Review and Preparation Virtual Working Meeting: March 30 - April 1, 2022 (click here for details)

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Community-Driven Effort Coordinated by COSPAR PSW International Space Weather Action Teams

The COSPAR Panel on Space Weather is initiating a program to update the COSPAR Roadmap on Space Weather [Schrijver et al., Understanding Space Weather to Shield Society: A Global Road Map for 2015-2025 commissioned by COSPAR and ILWS” Advances in Space Research, Volume 55, Issue 12, 2745, 2015]   and to transfer the Roadmap into a community-driven regularly updated Living Document.  

During the COSPAR ISWAT Inaugural Working Meeting in February 2020 it was agreed through detailed discussions that the process of Roadmap updating will be community driven with an outcome of the efforts to be encapsulated in two Special Issues of Advances in Space Research (ASR), COSPAR’s in-house journal:

Members of the international scientific community are invited to contribute to developing the new COSPAR Living Space Weather Roadmap by submitting research articles to the Roadmap Special Issues of Advances in Space Research.

The Special Issue 1 (Science Research and Applications) will consider

  • Scientific research papers that are expected to  assess and increase our understanding and modeling capability  of phenomena associated with Space Weather in addition to papers devoted to specific applications that could advance Space Weather forecasting for society.  Papers should consider achievements since the 2015 Roadmap on Space Weather and suggest ways for improvement in both science and applications. ISWAT action teams are strongly encouraged to submit papers to this special issue. While the deadline for submissions is 31 January 2022 (now extended to March 18, 2022), papers will be published electronically as soon as they are accepted, and authors are encouraged to submit early so as to aid the progress of the second part of the updated space-weather roadmap 

The Special Issue 2 (Achievements and Future Goals) will include 

  • Review papers focused on domain, physical phenomena or overarching activities mirroring the ISWAT Clusters structure. These papers will present comprehensive overviews of current state-of-the-art, advancements since the last Roadmap, identify gaps and  opportunities for moving forward within the next 5 years based on on-going and planned missions and available modeling and observational capabilities, present outlook beyond 5-years and recommendations on reaching long-term goals. These papers will be referring to the papers submitted to the Topical Issue 1 (as appropriate) and other relevant publications.
  • Papers focused on four source-to-impact chain pathways: (1) GICs; (2) Communications/Navigation/Radio Propagation; (3) Neutrals and Satellite Drag; and (4) Radiation Environment. These papers will be referring review papers focused on domains, physical phenomena or overarching activities.
  • Papers on national/international programs and strategies and opportunities for alignments on global scale to facilitate efforts multiplying.
  • Roadmap overview and recommendations. 

Both Topical Issues will form the Updated COSPAR Space Weather Roadmap - an ISWAT Community-led Roadmap from the bottom-up with key science, validation, old roadmap steps achieved, and where to go next/what’s missing/needed.

Simplified diagram of the papers structure forming the Updated COSPAR Space Weather Roadmap
See a link for a PDF file below for more details of the Roadmap update planning by Mario Bisi (Roadmap Update Coordinator)

Important Dates

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NoI deadline in August were used to guide the planning – NOIs cans still be submitted 

Deadlines for paper submissions to

  • EXTENDED to March 18, 2022 for Special Issue 1 (Science Research and Applications
    ** Please note that we have granted an extension for the first Topical Issue to 18th March 2022 **
  • January 31, 2023 for Special Issue 2 (Achievements and Future Goals)

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