Mini-ISWAT Roadmap Status Review and Preparation Virtual Working Meeting I: March 30 - April 1, 2022

The goal of this mini-ISWAT virtual working meeting is to review the status and to facilitate preparation of COSPAR Roadmap Tier 2 papers intended for submission to the Advances in Space Research  Special Issue 2 (Achievements and Future Goals)  before the deadline on June 30, 2022. These papers will form necessary foundations for Source-to-Impact Pathways papers and the final Roadmap Summary paper (Tier 3 and 4). 

Roadmap Tier 2 papers include

  • Domain/Phenomena and Overarching Activities overview papers mirroring the ISWAT structure (led or facilitated by ISWAT Moderators)
  • Papers on interfacing with users. Papers on national/regional/international programs and strategies and opportunities for alignments on global scale to facilitate efforts multiplying. 

Paper lead(s) will report  on preparation status and present detailed paper outlines.    We will discuss cross references between papers and review if there are significant duplications or if important topics (and references) are overlooked. Google docs with paper outlines that include topics covered by each section will be linked from the Roadmap preparation page  and will be made available for comments to the entire community. Everyone interested to contribute to this community-driven effort are cordially invited to participate.

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