Mini-ISWAT Virtual Meeting Series: February-June 2021

One year after the  ISWAT Inaugural Working Meeting (February 2020, Florida) we are planning a series of mini-SWAT Working Meetings to present progress made since and to discuss new actions and new collaborations. 

Mini-ISWAT meetings focused on specific topics are organized by cluster moderators and team leads during the 3-month time period (Feb-Jun 2021) after COSPAR 2021. Mini-ISWAT meetings will include "COSPAR 2021 Follow-on Discussions". The meeting series will start with a mini-ISWAT virtual meeting organized by G2A Cluster on Atmosphere Variability during the week of February 22nd, 2021. Details on other mini-ISWAT meetings are coming soon.

Time slots for mini-ISWAT meetings are open for reservation by cluster moderators or team leads. Date/time of working sessions can be scheduled in agreement with active participants. Cross-cluster sessions are encouraged. The spreadsheet for week reservation is available at ISWAT Google Drive (see below).

Team leads and/or cluster moderators interested to organize a mini-ISWAT are requested to:

  1. Reserve a time slot by entering a team/cluster ID or meeting title for selected week in google spreadsheet
  2. Send a meeting announcement and a list of questions for meeting registration to Masha ( and Michelle ( You can use material for mini-ISWAT G2A as a template. Alternatively, provide a link to an external meeting website.

Mini-ISWAT virtual meetings will be advertised on the ISWAT website, Newsletters and possibly COSPAR Website. Working sessions leads are expected to generate progress reports (similarly to ISWAT meeting in February) to be linked from the ISWAT website.