S2: Ambient solar magnetic field, heating & spectral irradiance  (solar rotations, months, hours)


Martin Reiss (NASA/GSFC, USA), martin.a.reiss@outlook.com


Jon Linker (Predictive Science Inc., USA), linkerj@predsci.com

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The ambient solar wind flows and fields influence the complex propagation dynamics of coronal mass ejections in the interplanetary medium and play an important role in driving Earth’s space weather environment. A key scientific goal in the space weather research and prediction community is to develop, implement and optimize ambient solar wind models for specifying the large-scale properties of solar wind conditions in the heliosphere. The solar magnetic field configuration plays a crucial role because it provides the energy source that heats the solar corona and accelerates the solar wind, and defines the structure of the solar corona and heliosphere. However, there many unresolved questions that should be addressed to improve the understanding and ultimately improve the predictions of the evolving space weather from Sun to Earth.

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