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Action Team: Propagating coronal waves and magnetic field interaction

Team ID: S2-07

Team Leads:
Isabell Piantschitsch (University of the Balearic Islands UIB; Spain & University of Graz, Austria),

Team Co-Lead:
Jaume Terradas, (University of the Balearic Islands UIB;),

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Understanding , Modeling, Forecasting 

Propagating coronal waves are generated in the frame of eruptive solar flare events. The waves are understood to be primarily caused by the CME lateral (over-)expansion and as such can be used as proxies to study the early CME evolution. As strong coronal waves freely propagate over the entire solar surface, they can be further used as diagnostic tool for different magnetic field structures. By studying with observations and simulations the interaction between coronal waves and open/closed magnetic fields, e.g., coronal holes or prominences, we may investigate the magnetic field above the photospheric level. That can be compared to magnetic field extrapolations and, hence, can be used as special validation tool. The results of this team will contribute to a better understanding of early CME evolution, magnetic fields in the corona and with that will provide rich complementary information for improving Space Weather forecasting.

Kick-off meeting during the workshop "The Next Frontier: Linking Simulations with Observations of the Solar Atmosphere", in Palma de Mallorca between the 5th and the 9th of June, 2023 (main organiser: Isabell Piantschitsch)

  • Analysing the role of initial density profiles of global coronal waves (CWs) in their interaction with coronal structures such as coronal holes and active regions
  • Analysing the role of coronal hole (CH) geometries in CW-CH interaction
  • Comparing MHD simulations of CW-CH interaction with actual observed interaction events
  • Studying and understanding magnetic field structures in the corona, especially regarding their temporal evolution during the interaction with a global coronal wave and with that providing complementary information for improving Space Weather forecasting

Action Topics:
Analysis, modeling and prediction of coronal structure and solar wind sources

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