Hermann Opgenoorth,  PSW/ISWAT Liaison to UNOOSA,

Sharafat Gadimova, UNOOSA Liaisons to PSW/ISWAT,

Manuel Grande, Liaison to COSPAR Bureau,

Vania Jordanova, Liaison to NSF GEM (Geospace Environment Modeling),

Andrew Yau, Liaison to COSPAR Commission C1,



Anna Belehaki (IAASARS, National Observatory of Athens, Greece), belehaki AT (G2B Advisor)

Manuel Grande, Advisor on Space Weather at Other Planets /Planetary Bodies,

Daniel Heynderickx, Advisor on Information Architecture (DH Consultancy, Belgium),

Jon Linker (Predictive Science Inc., USA), (S2 Advisor)

Sophie Murray (Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies), Sophie.Murray AT (S3, H3, O3 Advisor)

Robert Wimmer-Schweingruber, Advisor on  Radiation Environment in Heliosphere, (H3 Advisor)

Camilla Scolini (UNH, US),  (H1 Co-Moderator)

Manuela Temmer (University of Graz, Austria), Manuela.Temmer AT (H2 Moderator)