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Understanding the physics of Space Weather at planetary bodies

Team ID: H4-01

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Insoo Jun (NASA/JPL, USA),, (POC for now)

Zhonghua Yao  (IGGCAS, China), 

Christina Plainaki (ASI, Italy),

Guillaume Gronoff (NASA/LaRC, USA),

Stanislav Borisov (Université Catholique de Louvain, BELGIUM),

Yoshizumi Miyoshi (Nagoya University, Japan),

Chris Russell (UCLA - University of California at Los Angesel, USA),

Yihua Zheng (NASA/GSFC, USA),

Murthy Gudipati (NASA/JPL, USA),

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Understanding , Modeling, Forecasting , Data Utilization , Roadmap

Understanding the physics of Space Weather phenomena at planetary bodies in the solar system and beyond in different contexts 

• (With H2 and H3) Investigate SEP propagation through the heliosphere and in the environment of different planets
• (With H2 and H3) Investigate linkage between solar activity and auroras at different planets
• Investigate the role of the variability of the magnetospheric environment within a giant planetary system, with focus on the moon exosphere generation and loss processes
• (With H1 and H3) Investigate solar wind and magnetospheric interactions and their effects on the local radiation environment in the circumplanetary space
• Investigate the role of Space Weather in space weathering of airless bodies 
• Investigate the role of Space Weather in the evolution of planetary atmospheres within the Solar System and beyond

Action Topics:

Cluster with overlapping topics:
H1: Heliospheric magnetic field and solar wind, H2: CME structure, evolution and propagation through heliosphere, H3: Radiation Environment in Heliosphere

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