Dibyendu Nandi (Center of Excellence in Space Sciences India, IISER Kolkata, India),

Relevant recommendation of the COSPAR-ILWS Space Weather Roadmap

  “Identify, develop, and provide access to quality education and information materials for all stakeholder groups: Collect and develop educational materials on space weather and its societal impacts, and create and support resource hubs for access to these materials, and similarly for space-weather related data and data products. Stimulate collaboration among universities in order to promote homogenized space-weather education as part of the curricula.”

Action topics

  • Coordinate with COSPAR, SCOSTEP, ISWI, ILWS, UN-COPUOS, CCMC, CESSI and other regional organizations for planning, organization and delivery of space weather education and workshops around the globe.
  • Build upon UN / ISWI educational activities and I-REDI (International Research, Education and Development Initiative) initiated by the CCMC to develop a standardized space weather school curriculum.
  • Engage students in activities that are pushing the frontiers of research, development, and experimental operations.
  • Create an environment for students from different countries and different career goals to work together for the benefit of society, and strengthen international collaborations.
  • Promote space environment awareness as an important component of the new millennium core education.
  • Address a growing need for the next generation professionals to understand the fundamentals of the Sun-Earth system, and the impacts of space weather on humans and technologies.
  • Encourage motivated graduate students to join ISWAT projects as active participants and possibly co-leads.
  • Initiate Space Weather World Relay that will engage students from multiple time zones around the globe in innovative and collaborative space weather monitoring, analysis, and forecasting. 
  • Maintain a database of space weather experts from various domains who volunteer to deliver space weather education tutorials.


COSPAR-20-PSW.7 Event: Hands-on Education in Space Weather (click here to view all presentations)


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