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Dr. Dibyendu Nandi

ISWAT Responsibilities: S1 Cluster Moderator



Dibyendu Nandi is an Astrophysicist specializing in understanding the Sun’s dynamic activity and its influence on the near-Earth space environment and planetary atmospheres. He has a strong interest in education and outreach in the domain of astrophysical space sciences. Dibyendu obtained his PhD from the Indian Institute of Science and subsequently spent seven years in the United States of America working at the Solar Physics Group at Montana State University. Following his return to India he established the multi-institutional Center of Excellence in Space Sciences India at IISER Kolkata, where he also served as the Dean of Research and Development. Dibyendu has held visiting positions at Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, St Andrews University, Georgia State University and the Nordic Institute of Theoretical Physics.  He has published widely, including in journals such as the Astrophysical Journal Nature and Science. Dibyendu’s awards and honours include the Martin Forster Gold Medal from the Indian Institute of Science, the British Council’s Research Exchange Programme Award, the Ramanujan Fellowship of the Government of India, a Parker Lectureship and the 2012 Harvey Prize of the American Astronomical Society, Wenner-Gren Visiting Professorship at the Nordic Institute of Theoretical Physics, and the 2018 Modali Award of the Astronomical Society of India. He has contributed to diverse international capacity building activities. He led the International Astronomical Union Working Group on Impact of Magnetic Variability on Solar-Stellar Environments for four years and is currently one of the Vice-Chairs of the Space Weather Panel of the Committee on Space Research. Dibyendu is also a member of the ISRO-NASA Heliophysics Working Group which seeks to encourage bilateral Indo-US cooperation in exploration of the Sun-Earth system.