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Team title: Data sets of historical observations of solar and geomagnetic activity

Team ID: S1-03

Team Lead:

Alexander Pevtsov (National Solar Observatory, USA),


Alexei Pevtsov (National Solar Observatory, USA),

Lan Tran (Utah State University, USA),

Leif Svalgaard (Stanford University, USA),

Thierry Dudok de Wit (University of Orléans, France),

Keywords (impact): Climate

Keywords (Activity Type): Data Utilization , Information Architecture , Assessment 


Over the past centuries, the solar and geoscience communities have accumulated a significant heritage of historical observations pertaining to past solar and geomagnetic activity. Those records contain irreplaceable information for studies of long term changes in the sun and geomagnetic field. Unfortunately, most of those data are poorly organized and rarely accessible for modern scientific research. 


The goal of this team is to develop a comprehensive inventory of solar and geomagnetic datasets relevant for long term space weather and space climate research. The team will also formulate a standardized method for processing and preservation of historical data. We will assess their quality and current state. We evaluate the accessibility and estimate the effort and resources needed to preserve these critical datasets. 

Action topics:

  • Solar irradiance, open flux and solar wind reconstruction,
  • Solar activity indices for constraining long-term variability,
  • Historical data preservation and access

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