Special Issue 1: Research and Applications

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The COSPAR ISWAT Ambient Solar Wind Validation Team: Unifying the Validation of Ambient Solar Wind Models

ISWAT Cluster(s): S2

First Author/POC: Martin Reiss, martin.reiss@oeaw.ac.at

First Author Affiliation: Space Research Institute - SRI, Graz, AUSTRIA

Co-authors: Karin Muglach, Richard Mullinix, Maria M. Kuznetsova, Chiu Wiegand, Manuela Temmer, Barbara Perri, Christian Möstl, Lutz Rastaetter, and H1-01 team members.

Working Abstract:  To drive innovation in space weather research and prediction, we need to seek out promising strategies for unifying the validation analysis of our modeling assets. Here we present the activities of the Ambient Solar Wind Validation Team (H1-01) embedded in the COSPAR ISWAT initiative. Our mission is to create an open online platform for the validation of ambient solar wind models. Our platform will allow the community to easily assess the quality of state-of-the-art solar wind model solutions in terms of unified metrics, and will thereby provide an unbiased assessment of progress over time. In this paper, we present our development of unified metrics, discuss the prototype of our online platform including the metadata architecture, and outline the status and future perspectives of this community effort.

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