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Team ID: O2-01

Team Leads:

Darren De Zeeuw (NASA/GSFC CCMC, USA),

Lutz Rastaetter (NASA/GSFC CCMC, USA),



Keywords (activity type): Information Architecture


Kamodo is a new open source CCMC Python tool to read, interpolate, and visualize space weather models and data. It works well with many available space physics python packages, and will eventually be coupled to all CCMC models. Kamodofied Python model readers are being developed and community involvement in this process is encouraged.


We will show team members how to Kamodofy a model with examples of several models that have already been Kamodofied.

We will directly assist with Kamodofying models brought in by team members.

We hope to both expand the number of models available in Kamodo, as well as the number of people in space physics using Kamodo.

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More information about Kamodo is available at  CCMC ( and on GitHub (