Mini-ISWAT 2023 Summary Session


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Discussion topics:

ISWAT status and vision

  • Are we making a difference?
  • What ISWAT can do better to address evolving community needs and new trends?
  • How to promote ISWAT role as an effort multiplier (vs. an effort sink)?
  • Can ISWAT serve as a global network of expertise in space weather?
  • How to encourage teams (already established and working in the community) to register to ISWAT (without losing their original identity) to become a part of a global network?

What will be the major focus of post-Roadmap activities for the upcoming 2-4 years? 

How can we improve the way we work and web presence? 

  • Request active teams to update team website (at iswat-cospar or other locations)
  • Introduce ‘retired’ and ‘sleeping’ status
  • What else?

Agree on the date/place for the next full-ISWAT, full-week meeting in Feb-Mar 2025

Florida (near Kennedy Space Center) – same place as ISWAT 2020 

  • 10 -14 February 2025 (top pick)
  • Other options:
    • 03-07 March 2025
    • 10-14 March 2025

What should be done in preparation for the ISWAT 2025? (4 min)

  • Should we plan any in-person/hybrid mini-ISWAT between now and ISWAT 2025?
  • Encourage moderators and team leads to organise virtual mini-ISWATs?
  • Everyone should consider submitting abstracts to the PSW Sessions and more widely across the various Commissions at COSPAR 2024 in Busan…