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Dr. Insoo Jun

ISWAT Responsibilities: H4 Cluster moderator


Insoo Jun received a Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering from UCLA in 1991. After spending nine years in academia and industry, he came to JPL’s Mission Environments Group in 2000 as a senior technical staff.  He has been the group supervisor of the same group, renamed Natural Space Environments group, from 2004 to 2011 and since 2014. As a technical group supervisor, Dr. Jun is responsible for daily operation of a group of highly educated/skilled experts on the space environments and effects (space radiation, micrometeoroid and orbital debris, plasma, planetary atmosphere, etc.) as well as for ensuring technical/scientific excellence of products originated from the group. He represents JPL to worldwide technical and scientific communities for the space environments and effects.

Since joining JPL in 2000, Dr. Jun has worked extensively on all of JPL’s Jupiter mission projects/studies for radiation related issues, typically as the radiation lead. Those mission studies include the Europa Orbiter (EO), Jupiter Icy Moons Orbiter (JIMO), Europa Explorer (EE), Jupiter Europa Orbiter (JEO) as a part of Europa Jupiter Systems Mission (EJSM), Juno, and currently the Europa Clipper mission (ECM).

In addition, Dr. Jun is the Chief Technologist for Reliability Engineering and Mission Environmental Assurance Section at JPL and a Deputy Technical Fellow for the NASA Space Environment Technical Discipline. He is also a lead scientist at JPL for the nuclear planetary science, and science team members for the MSL, Europa, and Psyche missions.

He has received numerous NASA or JPL individual or group achievement awards including a NASA Exceptional Public Service Medal (EPSM) in 2018.