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Towards Solar System robotic and human exploration

Team ID: H4-02

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Insoo Jun (NASA/JPL, USA),, (POC for now)

Zhonghua Yao  (IGGCAS, China), 

Christina Plainaki (ASI, Italy),

Fei He (Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China),

Chris Russell (UCLA - University of California at Los Angeles, USA),

William Dunn (University College London, UK),

Chuanfei Dong (Princeton University, USA),

Georgiana Kramer (Planetary Science Institute, USA),

Elias Roussos (Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research),

Manuel Grande (Aberystwyth University, UK),

Kerstin Peter (Rheinisches Institut für Umweltforschung, Cologne, Germany),

Alessandro Ippolito (Italian Space Agency (ASI), National Space Weather Working group, Italy),

Henning Wulf (OHB System AG, Geremany),

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Understanding , Requirements , Modeling, Forecasting , Data Utilization , Roadmap

Space Weather for robotic and human exploration in thee solar system

• Investigate the space weather architecture need to support future human/robotic exploration at Mars
• Review technological impacts of planetary Space Weather and investigate possible environmental specification refinements for the design and maintenance of spacecraft and systems in space. 
• Provide important input for the design and development of payload instruments, electronics, and components on board space craft, that can survive intense Space Weather conditions. 
• Investigate the role of Space Weather in an astrobiological context

Action Topics:

Cluster with overlapping topics:
H1: Heliospheric magnetic field and solar wind, H2: CME structure, evolution and propagation through heliosphere, H3: Radiation Environment in Heliosphere

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