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Team title: SEP Validation

Team ID: H3-01

Team Leads:

Katie Whitman (NASA JSC SRAG, Wyle, USA),

Phil Quinn (NASA JSC SRAG, Wyle, USA),


Ian Richardson (NASA GSFC, UMD, USA),

M. Leila Mays (NASA GSFC CCMC, USA),


Scoreboard Leads:

M. Leila Mays (NASA GSFC CCMC, USA),

Mark Dierckxsens (BIRA-IASB, Belgium),

Leadership Alumni: 

Mike Marsh (UK Met Office, UK),

Keywords (impact): Human exploration

Keywords (activity type): Forecasting, Assessment, 


The ISWAT SEP Validation team is a continuation of the existing SEP Working Team that was developed under the ICCMC-LWS forum. 

Team questions: Where do we stand with SEP prediction? Using case studies of selected events, can we assess where we stand with SEP prediction? How well can the success of SEP models be compared? Is it possible to identify a uniform metric? How do we move beyond using case studies for model/data comparisons?

Recent campaigns: SHINE 2018, 2019, ESWW 2018. (See team website for presentations and reports).

The SEP Scoreboard also falls under this team's projects. This scoreboard collects and displays real-time SEP forecasts (probabilistic, and intensity time series).


Organize community campaigns to evaluate how well different models/techniques can predict historical SEP events throughout the heliosphere

Establish metrics agreed upon by the community

Provide a benchmark against which future models can be assessed against

SEP Scoreboard: Add more models to the scoreboard database/display and to obtain input on the way the data is displayed.

Action topics:

  • Community campaigns to assess capabilities and improvements in SEP models

Clusters with overlapping topics:  S2 

Link to team external website: (Scoreboard)