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Team title: CME model evaluation through synthetic observations

Team ID: H2-03

Team Leads:

Luke Barnard (University of Reading, UK),

Tanja Amerstorfer (Space Research Institude -SRI, Gratz, Austria),


Synthetic observations derived from heliospheric simulations can provide a useful test-bed for developing and testing techniques to investigate the structure, evolution and propagation of CMEs through the heliosphere. This is particularly the case for CME scenarios for which there are few observations, e.g. extreme CMEs, and also for new observer configurations, e.g. a Heliospheric Imager at both near-Earth and at L5 - as we hope to have in the future with the PUNCH and Lagrange missions.'


To provide a suite of heliospheric simulations of different CME scenarios proagating through a range of solar wind environments.

To provide synthetic observables derived from these simulations, to be used as inputs for testing, developing, and comparing other techniques of reconstructing and/or forecasting CME propagation.

Action Topics:

Cluster with overlapping topics:
H2: CME structure, evolution and propagation through heliosphere

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