Team title: Internal Charging Effects and the Relevant Space Environment

Team ID: G3-04

Team Leads:

Keywords: (Aero)space assets functions


Internal charging refers to the accumulation of electric charge on interior, ungrounded metals or in the dielectrics inside a spacecraft by penetrating/energetic electrons. The resulting discharge is termed as IESD (Internal ElectroStatic Discharge). Electrons greater than 100 keV are responsible for internal charging (the main source is radiation belt electrons). 


1. Finding internal charging events
2. Model performance assessment and improvement 
3. space environment model scoreboard that is relevant to internal charging
Expected output

  1. More systematic assessment of model performance under different conditions
  2. Better near realtime monitoring and/or forecasting capabilities of internal charging environment

Team Activities

  • New: Modeling Challenge Guideline Document (here is the link to the document)
  • Time Intervals for Analyses
    • The 15 April - 15 May 2017 interval
    • The September 2017 interval (1 September - 1 October 2017)
  • Upload Simulation Results and/or Observations to CCMC's FTP Site  (Instructions)
    • When ready to upload, please do so by using either
    • 1. Command Line (changing '' with your own email address and with the correct filename. It is a continuous line)
      • curl --ssl -k --user -T
    • 2. GUI based FTP apps:
      • a  Cyberduck – select FTP-SSL (Explicit AUTH TLS) when selecting type of connection
      •     No installation required
      • b. Filezilla 
        • Select FTP for Protocol and 
        • Select either “Use explicit FTP over TLS if available” or “Required explicit FTP over TLS” for Encryption
        • Then login as anonymous and navigate to pub/in/ccmc/Radiation_Belt to upload the file.

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Various Documents from the COSPAR ISWAT Inaugural Workshop and Telecons