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Team title: Ionospheric Scoreboard Development 

Team ID: G2B-09

Team Leads:

Katherine Garcia-Sage (NASA/GSFC, USA),

Keywords (impact): Navigation and/or Communications

Keywords (activity type): Requirements , Modeling, Forecasting, Assessment 
Scoreboards provide a pathway from past event ionospheric analysis to ionospheric forecasts, by identifying and documenting needs for driver improvements and obstacles to forecasting.

We will run ionospheric models in past event, nowcast, and forecast mode and assess model performance compared to ground truth data, such as from ionosondes.
Expected output includes:
- identification of potential scoreboard parameter
- processed data for model comparisons
- sample scoreboard for a single event

Action Topics:

  • Understand and forecast the global state of the ionosphere,
  • Improve the ionospheric forecasting window through the definition and forecast of ionospheric drivers in the sun, the solar wind, the magnetosphere and the lower atmosphere,
  • Assessment of modeling capability of local TEC on different spatial and temporal scales

Cluster with overlapping topics:
G1: Geomagnetic environment, G2A: Atmosphere variability

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