Team title: Geospace Scoreboard

Team ID: G1-06

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Team Leads:

Edmund Henley (Met Office, UK)

Keywords (impact): Electric power systems, GICs

Keywords (activity type): Validation, Veryfication, Scoreboard


The Geospace scoreboard will aggregate geospace forecasts, expose these, and allow intercomparisons between different models/methods.
The long-term goal is to put models of geospace under a continuous verification (validation) harness similar to that used in terrestrial weather, which has helped advance terrestrial weather forecasting (funding improvements to models, observations, and data assimilation).


In the first instance, we'll aim to provide a scoreboard for geospace forecasts of Kp, as:

  • while Kp has issues, it is commonly-used - and serves as the API/glue between many models
  • as such, many models/methods create this

A secondary aim will be to have this scoreboard be easily interrogable, so the community can understand how the different models intercompare, on specific events, or more statistically. And to enable such intercomparisons in a low effort, easily-updateable way, rather than single, high-effort intermodel comparisons.

As the scoreboard gets populated, an additional aim will be to use the scoreboard to perform an initial intercomparison!

Action topics:

  • Developing scoreboard to aggregate, expose & compare geospace forecasts

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Edmund Henley (Met Office, UK)