Data Utilization


Barbara Thompson, NASA,

The ISWAT Overarching Activity on Data Utilization focuses on issues regarding preparation of observational data sets ready for data assimilation, model validation and utilization as input to data science algorithms.  

Action topics:

  • Assessing data sources that are relevant for space weather research and forecasting.
  • Providing calibrated, standardized data sets (preferably with error bars). 
  • Using available data to optimize space weather models through data assimilation or ensemble methods.
  • Understanding how advanced data science methods such as deep learning can advance our forecasting capabilities and expand our comprehension of space weather processes 

The Overarching Activity on Data Utilization supports all of the ISWAT Clusters and objectives by optimizing our use of available data resources.  Data Utilization overlaps with the other Overarching Activities: Assessment and Information Architecture.  


Action Teams