COSPAR-21-PSW.7 Hands-on Education in Space Weather

This session will focus on global coordination in space weather education and capacity building. Solicited speakers will highlight currently ongoing space weather capacity building activities by their respective organizations. This will be followed by a round-table discussion on strategies for coordination and collaboration among various organizations and space agencies in delivering integrated space weather education through workshops and schools around the world. Leveraging of both expertise and finances for such activities would be discussed among the stakeholders. Individual submissions highlighting space weather education and outreach efforts from around the world are encouraged; these will be scheduled as a poster session and will be highlighted through a flash-poster summary during the oral session.

  • MSO: Dibyendu Nandi
Center of Excellence in Space Sciences India, IISER Kolkata
Center of Excellence in Space Sciences India (CESSI)
IISER Kolkata,
  • DO: Alexi Glover
European Space Agency
Robert Bosch Strasse 5
D-64293 Darmstadt
Tel: 496151902262

  • DO: 
Nat Gopalswamy
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Code 671,


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