Space Weather Panel: Global Coordination in Space Weather and Updating the COSPAR Space Weather Roadmap 

This is a LIVE panel session consisting of panel contributions from various space agencies and space weather research entities, followed by questions and panel interaction with the audience. The session will focus on two important space weather topics:

  1. Review the latest developments in space weather programming from representatives of national and international space agencies and projects, and
  2. Updates on international space weather initiatives, including an overview of the process being implemented to update the 2015-2025 COSPAR/ILWS Space Weather Roadmap to incorporate the latest science knowledge, targeted to updated user needs, and within the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (UN COPUOS).

The session will be formulated as a LIVE panel session, with live audience participation in a moderated live question period.

Panel Moderator: Ian Mann (Canada)


  • Juha-Pekka Luntama (ESA)
  • Jim Spann (NASA, USA)
  • Mamoru Ishii (Japan)
  • Vladimir Kalegaev (Russia),
  • Richard Marshall (Australia)
  • Mario Bisi (UK)

Join us to learn about the newest space agency developments in space weather, and how to participate in the active community engagement which is underway to update the COSPAR Space Weather Roadmap.

In the first session from 08:00-08:45 AEDT on Sat. 30th Jan. 2021, the space weather panel have been asked to address the following primary questions in 3 minute presentations and then will take questions from the audience in the live chat:

  • What are the major space weather programs and/or upcoming missions from your space agency?
  • What are the major challenges for improving international coordination between national/international space agencies on space weather?
  • What strategies could be adopted to address these challenges?
  • What aspects of the international space weather roadmap activity will have a positive impact within your space agency?

In the second session, from 08:45-09:30 AEDT, Dr. Mario Bisi will present an overview of the proposed process for delivering an update to the COSPAR Space Weather Roadmap 2015-2025 (Schrijver et al., ASR, 2015), and will lead a moderated discussion on how to optimise community involvement in this process, including through the International Space Weather Action Teams (ISWAT) initiative being led through the COSPAR Panel on Space Weather.