ISWAT - A Global Network of Research Teams Targeting Improvements of Resilience to Space Weather

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Modern society has become increasingly dependent on complex technological environment that is highly susceptible to space weather effects caused by the temperamental nature of our dynamic Sun. Understanding and predicting space weather and its impact on society is acknowledged as a global challenge.  To address the need to join forces and to maximize return on investments the  COSPAR Panel on Space Weather coordinates an active  network of International  Space Weather Action Teams (ISWAT). An action team choses to address a specific focused task, thus providing a building block of the ISWAT initiative. Action teams are organized into clusters grouped by domain, phenomena or impact and work in coordinated effort to improve resilience to space weather. The initiative is building upon established efforts, engages existing international groups and facilitates emergence of new teams and ideas. We solicit contributions from teams focused on different aspects of space weather including advancing understanding, collecting user requirements, assessment and improvement of predictive capabilities, utilization of available observations, transition of research ideas to applications, and inputs for future missions planning. We welcome submissions from ISWAT teams as well as from teams that are interested to join the ISWAT. We particularly encourage submission on space weather community-wide initiatives and campaigns and invite discussions on community coordination in space weather and approach to Global Space Weather Roadmap updates.

MSO: Masha Kuznesova, NASA/NSF CCMC,

DO: Mario M. Bisi
, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
RAL Space
Science & Technology Facilities Council,

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