Nowcast and Forecast on Ionospheric Indices and Related Scales for Space Weather Services 

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Discussion of ionospheric indices having a high potential to fulfill user requirements in particular in safety of life (SoL) and precise positioning applications shall be continued in a more concretized form than we could do at the 42nd COSPAR assembly.  Initiated studies shall be reviewed and conclusions shall be drawn which indices are considered as potentially applicable for selected use cases. In order to judge the suitability, specification of user needs for various applications are required from customers. Therefore, intensification of the dialog between ionospheric scientists and customers is encouraged. Best practice experience obtained in weather/ionospheric weather services should be presented. Being aware that forecasts of the expected behavior of indices used by customers require intensive scientific research in the context of overall space weather processes, related scientific work should be discussed to enable or further improve forecasting of ionospheric indices. Therefore, contributions from SW experts covering all other fields of space weather are encouraged. Progress on the development of an Ionospheric Scale related to the indices is also encouraged.

SOC: Kirco Arsov (Australian Bureau of Meteorology, Australia), Clezio Marcos De Nardin (National Institute for Space Research, Brazil), Alexi Glover (European Space Agency, Germany), Mamoru Ishii (National Institute of Information and Communications Technology, Japan), Robert Steenburgh (Space Weather Prediction Center, USA

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