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Pietro Zucca (ASTRON - Netherlands institute for Radio Astronomy, Netherlands),

Keywords (impact): Electric power systems, GICs, Navigation and/or Communications, (Aero)space assets functions, Human exploration

Keywords (activity type): Understanding , Modeling, Forecasting , Data Utilization , New Instrumentation A, Roadmap


The value of solar radio bursts lies in the fact that they originate in the same layers of the solar atmosphere where energy is released in solar flares, where energetic particles are accelerated, and where coronal mass ejections (CMEs) are launched.


  • Low–frequency solar radio emission arises in the solar atmosphere at the levels where these events occur: we can use frequency as a direct measure of density, and an indirect measure of height, in the atmosphere.
  • Microwave observations appear to be a significant addition to our ability to forecast the occurrence of SEP events and the interplanetary travel times of CMEs.

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