Team title: Community-Wide Tracking of Efficiency and EffectivenessJoin The Team

Team ID: O1-01

Team Leads:

Adam Kellerman  (UCLA, USA),

Brett Carter (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology),

Alexa Halford (NASA/GSFC),

Keywords (activity type): Assessment


  • Validation
  • Application
  • Assessment


We are a subgroup of the COSPAR ISWAT focused on generating community drive metrics on specific Heliophysics applications which affect society and our technology. Our group is focused on tracking the progress of our field, and developing metrics and frameworks for tracking our progress towards meeting research and application goals and targets. We are constructing a reference library of metrics and references for validation and statistical techniques, to allow community-wide validation of research-based projects and products. In order to do this, we need the community's help! Please fill out the forms on the tracking progress page.


Overarching goals
1 - Progress in advancing knowledge in our field
2 - Assessing the usability of current research projects and products for the community and society as a whole
3 - Compiling and standardizing metrics for quantifying the progress of our understanding

With respect to these goals we have clear objectives:
1) Develop a framework for generating and tracking Application Usability Levels.
2) Develop a framework for application of metrics to measure performance/progress
3) Construct a library of metric and validation techniques used in Heliophysics. If possible, include open source code for the validation techniques. 

Action topics:

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