Team title: Solar Energetic Particle Population in Geospace Join The Team

Team ID: G3-05

Team Leads:

Valeriy Tenishev (University of Michigan, USA),

News: Mini virtual zoom meeting on Feb 25, 2021 (click here for the agenda and zoom link)

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Keywords (impact): (Aero)space assets function, Human Exploration

Keywords (activity type): Understanding , Modeling, Forecasting 


  • SEPs in geospace
  • Rigidity cutoff


Earth’s energetic particle environment consists of several components, including solar energetic particles (SEPs). Exposure to energetic particles often leads to malfunctions and unexpected failures of electronics onboard spacecraft. Therefore, quantitative characterization of the temporal evolution of SEPs in geospace accounting for the temporal variability of the geomagnetic field has not only a purely theoretical interest but also numerous practical applications. The team will combine expertise in the temporal variability of SEPs at the magnetopause with that of SEPs transport inside the magnetosphere. Therefore, it will create a ground to attack the problem of quantitative characterizing the temporal variability of the SEPs population in the entire geospace. 


Understanding the dynamics of the SEPs population in geospace is a complicated task. That requires a detailed understanding of 
1) the processes occurring in the magnetosphere and 
2) temporal variability of SEPs at the magnetopause. 

The ultimate goal of the team is to create a foundation for collaboration aiming at characterizing the temporal evolution of SEPs geospace. The relevant physical domain starts at the magnetopause and spans down to the top of the atmosphere. 


Action topics:

  • Assessment and improvement of capabilities to forecast temporal evolution of SEP fluxes at different locations in geospace. 
  • Rigidity cutoff.

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