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Team title: On Total Dose Effects

Team ID: G3-03

Team Leads:

  • Insoo Jun (JPL, USA),
  • Timothy Guild (Aerospace Corporation, USA),

  • Insoo Jun (JPL, USA),
  • Timothy Guild (Aerospace Corporation, USA),
  • Yihua Zheng (CCMC, NASA GSFC, USA),
  • Henning Wulf (OHB System AG / An OHB AG Company, Germany),

Keywords: (Aero)space assets functions


Total Dose includes Total Ionizing Dose (TID) and Displacement Damage Dose (DDD). The TID is calculated from the trapped protons and electrons (electrons for >100 keV 
and protons for > 1 MeV), secondary Bremsstrahlung photons, and solar energetic particles (the contribution from galactic cosmic ray ions is negligible in the presence of these other sources). The “dose profile curve” that indicates the dose received through a shield of varying thickness (most often a hollow aluminum sphere) is usually used for evaluating the TID on a component.

Displacement Damage is the result of nuclear interactions, typically scattering, which cause lattice defects. Displacement damage is due to cumulative long-term non-ionizing damage from protons, electrons, and neutrons. The collision between an incoming particle and the nucleus of a lattice atom subsequently displaces the atom from its original lattice position. 

Quantitative assessment of total dose requires a good understanding of the space environment, shielding from the magnetosphere and spacecraft, and device effects.

1. Model performance assessment and improvement for different types of users
2. Develop short-term or long-term plans to provide desired flight data to the community.

Expected Outcome
1. Improved model capabilities from assessment and newly available data (spectra and dose)
2. A better understanding of total dose effects

Action topics:

  • Assess and improve specification and forecasting of total dose environment
  • Identify and prepare particle fluences and energy spectra datasets for assimilation, assessment, and optimized exploitation (e.g., machine learning)

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