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Team title: HamSCI: Ham Radio Science Citizen Investigation 

Team ID: G2B-07

Team Leads:

Nathaniel Frissell (University of Scranton, USA),

Phil Erickson (MIT Haystack Observatory, USA),

Keywords (impact): Navigation and/or Communications

Keywords (activity type): Requirements , Modeling, Forecasting , Data Utilization 


The Ham Radio Science Citizen Investigation is a collective to facilitate collaboration between amateur radio operators (hams) and the professional space science/space weather communities. The amateur radio community is able to provide quasi-global observations of communications in near-real time.


Test and validate ionospheric and propagation prediction models using observations of radio communications provided by the amateur radio community.

Action topics:

  • Understand and forecast the global state of the ionosphere,
  • Understand and quantify ionosphere response to drivers from above and below,
  • Improve predictive capability of irregularities and impact on propagation of radio signal

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