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Team title: Global and Regional Ionospheric Total Electron Content

Team ID: G2B-06

Team Leads: Ludger Scherliess (Utah State University, USA),

Keywords (impact): Navigation and/or Communications

Keywords (activity type): Understanding, Modeling, Assessment 

The Earth’s ionosphere exhibits significant weather variability and associated changes in global and regional total electron content (TEC) that can have adverse effects on human operations and systems and consequently, there is a need for both, accurate and reliable weather forecasts for this region. One of the main effects of TEC variability on technological systems relates to radio wave signals that are subject to propagation effects as they travel through the ionosphere. 


The global and regional TEC working team aims to assess our current capabilities to model global and regional TEC. As part of this effort we aim to 
Establish metrics agreed upon by the community
Evaluate where we stand with global and regional TEC prediction
Provide a benchmark against which future models can be assessed against 

Action topics:

  • Understand and forecast the global state of the ionosphere,
  • Understand and quantify ionosphere response to drivers from above and below,
  • Assessment of modeling capability of global and regional vertical TEC on different spatial and temporal scales

Clusters with relevant topics:

G1: Geomagnetic environment, G2A: Atmosphere variability, G2B: Ionosphere variability

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