Join The TeamTeam title:  Space Weather and Lower Atmosphere 

Team ID: G2A-02

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Keywords (impact): Satellite/debris drag, Navigation and/or Communications

Keywords (activity type): Understanding, Modeling, Forecasting 


Lower and middle atmosphere models cover range of altitudes from the Earth's surface to the mesopause and lower thermosphere. In addition to drivers from above, forcings originating from below can induce substantial thermosphere and ionosphere variabilities, especially during quiet times. One major source of this forcing is atmospheric waves, i. e., gravity waves, tides and planetary waves. Coupling between lower atmosphere models with ITM models can help to better understand of how these waves directly or indirectly affect IT wind, temperature, and compositional structures; the circulation pattern; neutral and ion species transport; and ionospheric wind dynamo.


Whole Atmosphere Modeling and Patch Panel System with drivers from above and below

Action topics:

  • Understand and quantify thermosphere response to drivers from above and below



Yue, J., Yu, W., Pedatella, N., Bruinsma, S., Wang, N., Liu, H. (2022) Contribution of the lower atmosphere to the day-to-day variation of thermospheric density, Adv. Space Res.,